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Zest Suite offers a comprehensive solution for businesses by streamlining customer support, HR management, and quality control.

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Zest Suite offers a comprehensive solution for businesses, combining Zest Desk for streamlined customer support, Zest Hub for efficient HR management, and Zest QMS for centralized quality control. Together, these tools empower organizations to optimize operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure regulatory compliance across departments.

Zest Desk

Streamline customer support interactions efficiently

  • Manage customer support tickets
  • Streamline issue tracking
  • Monitor ticket status and progress
  • Enhance customer satisfaction

Zest Hub

Simplify the holiday booking process

  • Automate leave requests
  • Customise scheduling preferences
  • Track employee time off
  • Customisable views

Zest QMS

Optimise quality management processes effectively.

  • Improve quality and consistency
  • Facilitate efficient audit processes
  • Automate quality control workflows
  • Monitor key performance indicators

Zest Desk

Streamline customer support interactions efficiently

Zest Desk offers a seamless ticketing experience, enabling clients to easily raise support tickets, while providing businesses with effective tools to respond promptly with support and solutions, ensuring superior customer service and issue resolution.

Lead your customers to happiness

Manage customer support tickets

Take charge of customer inquiries and issues efficiently with our intuitive ticket management system, ensuring no customer concern falls through the cracks.

Streamline issue tracking

Simplify the process of tracking and resolving customer issues by centralising all communication and actions in one easy-to-use platform, saving time and improving response times.

Monitor ticket status and progress

Keep a close eye on the status and progress of customer tickets in real-time, allowing you to stay informed and ensure timely resolution of all customer concerns, enhancing overall customer experience.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Elevate customer satisfaction levels by providing prompt and effective support through Zest Desk, fostering positive relationships and loyalty with your customer base.

Zest Hub

Simplify the holiday booking process

Zest Hub empowers employees to effortlessly request holidays while providing managers with intuitive tools to efficiently manage leave requests, ensuring smooth coordination of time off within your organisation.

Lead your team to happiness

Automate leave requests

Revolutionise your leave management process by automating leave requests, saving time for both employees and HR managers while ensuring accurate and efficient tracking of time off.

Customise scheduling preferences

Tailor your scheduling process to meet the unique needs of your organisation, allowing you to create schedules that optimise productivity and accommodate employee preferences seamlessly.

Track employee time off

Keep precise records of employee absences and time off with Zest Hub's comprehensive tracking system, providing valuable insights for resource planning and ensuring compliance with company policies.

Customisable views

Gain valuable flexibility in how you view and analyze HR data with customizable views, allowing you to organize and present information in a way that suits your specific needs and preferences effortlessly.

Zest QMS

Optimise quality management processes effectively

Zest QMS revolutionises quality management by centralising documentation, streamlining processes, and automating workflows, ensuring compliance with industry standards and fostering product consistency and efficiency.

Lead your business to happiness

Improve quality and consistency

Elevate the standards of your products or services and ensure consistency across all aspects of your operations, fostering trust and loyalty among customers.

Facilitate efficient audit processes

Streamline the auditing process by providing easy access to necessary documentation and tools, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards while saving time and resources.

Automate quality control workflows

Enhance efficiency and accuracy in your quality control processes by automating repetitive tasks and implementing standardised workflows, reducing errors and ensuring consistent quality.

Monitor key performance indicators

Stay informed about the performance of your quality management system by tracking key indicators, allowing you to identify trends, areas for improvement, and potential risks effectively.

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